How to Install Any Presets in Any Version of Lightroom

LR has changed up how Presets work in 7.4+. There’s a new preset manager that’s actually pretty good; you can finally hide the presets you don’t want and you can even use your presets in Lightroom Mobile.  So I made you two videos to get you up to speed on installing and organizing presets in Lightroom including the latest versions. The changes in 2018 made presets a little confusing so I thought we should simplify.

This first video is a fast look at presets in Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom mobile and even Camera Raw.

The longer video is the in-depth look at dealing with presets in all versions including pre CC for those who have held off to go to a subscription model. I get you, though if you never plan to go CC it might be time to look at something like Capture One because LR6 is getting older. We even have a preset pack for Capture One too. Anyways the longer video also covers installing all other kinds of presets like Local Adjustment Brushes.

This may not be terribly exciting, but over the years we’ve tried to make this is fast and simple as possible. Hope it helps — Gav

The quick video for LR CC users…

The more advanced video for power users of all versions…

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