Watch me edit this in 5 minutes, then show me your edit!

You can also watch this on 4K on my channel.

I made this short video workshop showing my editing process on this shot so we could talk about the anatomy of a good edit. It’s only about 5 minutes long!

I’ll just me suing using some of my favorite tools from Filmist, Lumist and Alchemist in Photoshop and Lightroom and I’ll show you how I get this image balanced and ready for print with just a few minutes.

If you guys like this fast study format, drop a comment, and we will try to make more in the future. You can also find all the add on’s I used in this here on the site.

Next, SHOW ME YOUR EDIT: DOWNLOAD THE RAW FILE and edit this yourself and see how it looks. Then head over to the post on our Facebook page and share your results.

Enjoy! – Gav

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