November 13, 2011

Artists Sunset – Ken Whitmire in Pacific City Oregon. Fall 2011 by Gavin Seim.

It was one of those Sunsets. The ones with stunning clouds and radiant colors that seem to last forever. Like a great song that keeps on playing. I was on a road trip to the Oregon Coast with Ken Whitmire, the renown portraitist. Ken was working with a family on the beach in Pacific City and I assisted, while getting images and video for a project we were working on.

About halfway through Ken was on his ladder, having this family of five walk down the beach. I just stood back and watched. A bit envious of the amazing portraits he was going to take home. It was a stunning evening. I took in the incredible ocean landscape with some awe. In between video clips, I decided to go vertical and try to illustrate Ken as the working professional in his environment. I hoped for a sort of memorable feel that that artists and photographers could relate to.

This has been really well received. I admit, I did not realize it would strike such a chord, but I’m glad it did. To me this says something about creative craftsmanship and taking your time. It reminds us to take the extra steps up that ladder to make an image Great. That’s what Ken Whitmire has done for over fifty years and I’m glad I got to be  a small part of that.

Our road trip was a memorable one in more ways than one. In fact by brother and I wrote a short short story about this trip. You can read that here on the Brothers Seim blog.

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June 4, 2011

Endless lines with dappled light and colors, even after sunset. I think there’s a lot to learn about photography from the ocean: the patterns and lines, the way it plays the light.  Never have I seen so many perfect lines as in the waves and currents. Now excuse the quality of this video as I was using only my iPhone, and  it was nearly dark, but crank it up to HD, and I hope you’ll get a little of what I felt here.

This is from our Spring tour while in Pismo. I did take home some photos of the ocean that you may have seen in the archives, but the other thing I took home was awe. Maybe I just sound crazy, but my excitement was genuine. I came away with stronger concepts of line and tone. I’ve always loved water, but this challenges me to look at it even closer; to see beauty even in the smallest details of surf and learn something about light from its ever changing surface.

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