January 11, 2017

washington starscapes

This is another starscape I made in Washington. I’ve been working to do exposures that are long, but not so long that the stars trail. This one I exposed at 10 seconds.

I had to use 12,800 to do it, but the detail is great and it prints beatifically. This went loan as 2016 International Competition. — Seim

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January 11, 2017

The Bottomless Pit, Oregon, USA.

I took this one along the Oregon coast at Thors well and I waited till the sun was setting right behind the scene and pushed the dynamic range to the limit to get in all in a single frame. I tried to use the rock on the far left as a frame stop and debated where the frame should end, but I feel the offset is right.

A7r2, 24mm Canon TSE II, ISO 400, 15 sec at F11.

The detail is perfect. I apply zone technique to plan the foreground and maintain dynamic range all the way into the sky with a single ARW file on the a7R MK2.

The prints look great and I hope to have one frame soon so I’ll keep you posted. — Gav

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January 11, 2017

washington aspen forest gavin seim

I’m trying to catch up on posting my recent work.

I did a deep night scape here with a 13 second exposure as I painted the trees with light. This one merited at international competition this year.

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September 23, 2015

Evening Sigh Yellostion National Park - Seim


This new release is one from our Summer trip. It’s one of about 6 new images I’ll be releasing this year and one of it’s my favorite spots in Yellowstone where the geyser always flows and the color is amazing. This one is going to look great in the gallery and does justice to this beautiful place. The master original will be around 60 inches.

How it was made:

I waited for the light and was able to capture the sun filtered from behind the geysers flow in a slow 10 second exposure for a stunning single frame image that posses stunning dynamic range. I used the MK2 for this image at ISO 160. Post production had to be careful to maintain the full range of color and light and keep banding out of the subtle gradients. I took my time at every step.

— Seim

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September 5, 2014


This was our camp spot up on Smith Mesa and my view was a few yards from my trailer. It’s one of my favorite places, overlooking the entire Zion Valley. I come here every year or so to relax and get images that due it justice. This year I took home two, this one, and a spectacular panorama that we’ve not finished yet. I’m ecstatic since this not an easy area to get the right conditions in. This is a unique combination of sunset light and visible stars. It’s the real thing, exposed for around 30 minutes just after sunset.

For Photographers. How it was made…

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