May 30, 2024

Pro Photography Podcast
Pro Photography Podcast
Clone of Pro Photography Podcast #210 | Your Photos should have FEELING

Photography Podcast Host: Gavin Seim.

In today’s podcast we have to face more Ai reality and my counter to it is quickly becoming pictorialism and learning from it for a digital Ai era.

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What Pictorialism is teaching me about feeling photos!

See my pictorialist actions and the video.

More detail is not better but shadow and emotion always win. That is not to say our photo should be blurry ar least for now reason.

We looked at some pictorialism style and did some edits in last week’s workshop I did on creating pictorial photography.

Watch the Pictorialism workshop I just hosted.

See my latest video. How much do you charge per photo?

I also mentioned Filmist and Elegance 4 Speed Masks.

Skit fo what Facebook is like in 2024

Model dies after being sucked into train.

Instagram marking real photo as Ai

ASMP Calls out Adobe

Pro Photography Podcast Picks of the Week

Buy a vintage 50mm 1.4 lens and an adapter

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September 28, 2015


Click To Listen>> Photography Podcast. PPS #99 – THE FALL MP3

Today’s Panel… Gavin Seim | Jason Eldridge
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This week the panel talks about great Fall color and what we can do to make it sing.

Get the NEW Autumn Light Presets.

The Sony A7R II looks really interesting. Serious competition for the Canon 5Ds

The Pentax 645Z does as well.

Gavin loves the Phantom 3 pro.

Jason loves the Tilly Hat.

Gavin says everyone needs a couple BaoFeng UV5R radios.

Jason says the Flipside water day pack is a great bag.

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