May 30, 2024

Pro Photography Podcast
Pro Photography Podcast
Clone of Pro Photography Podcast #210 | Your Photos should have FEELING

Photography Podcast Host: Gavin Seim.

In today’s podcast we have to face more Ai reality and my counter to it is quickly becoming pictorialism and learning from it for a digital Ai era.

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What Pictorialism is teaching me about feeling photos!

See my pictorialist actions and the video.

More detail is not better but shadow and emotion always win. That is not to say our photo should be blurry ar least for now reason.

We looked at some pictorialism style and did some edits in last week’s workshop I did on creating pictorial photography.

Watch the Pictorialism workshop I just hosted.

See my latest video. How much do you charge per photo?

I also mentioned Filmist and Elegance 4 Speed Masks.

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May 21, 2024

When you change how you see photos you stop taking snapshots and start creating art. That’s what you’ll learn in today’s class. You can get Pictorialist actions here.

Watch more hands-on videos using this process on the Pictorialist page here.

If you’ve ever been to my Shadow Hackers class you know you realize the way we see changes everything. I’ve learned pictorialism is an extension of that because it connects shadow and light to atmosphere and that conveys emotion.

When I use and create Pictorialist actions I’m making building blocks that stack, creating effects and mixes that would never happen if I was editing manually every time, and those affect every photo in a new way. So even if you don’t use mine, make your own actions that record your most indicated processes.

You need to really feel it. Not just slap stuff on needless, unsure what you are making. If you think a photo is missing something but you know it’s special, work on it more. That’s what a pictorialist creates feeling, emotion, and drama from the shadows.

If you do use my Pictalistic Actions. Don’t worry about all of us getting the same look. It’s like saying if we all use legos we all make the same thing. Well-made tools are not like Ai fakery. they ley us breathe creativity and try things in every photo and each time we do we get more creative ideas in an endless loop.

Gavin Seim

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May 12, 2024

Pictorialism is about emotion over perfection and famous pictorialists like Stegliz, Coburn, Hamilton and many more helped create the fine art world of photography we know today!

That’s why I dig in to create Pictorialist Actions. A PS editing add-on focused on making amazing pictorialist edits. There are lots more samples, info, and videos on the pictorialist page.

You can get Pictorialist here as well as see more samples and video.

A while back I started studying pictorialism. These photos are from early-era to iconic portrait photographers like David Hamilton. I had wanted something like this for years on digital.

So we made it and it was not easy. Today I made you a hands-on training workshop on how to create photography pictorialism in Photoshop using these new actions and why it’s so good.

photography pictorailism and editing in photoshop

At this level. The answer is a definitive no. Sure we can use clarity and shoot like pictorialists in camera. But deep edits like this are not what RAW editors do.

Of course, don’t need my actions to create these high-depth photography pictorialism edits on your photos. You do need layers, a deep understanding of blurs and blending modes, and tools that are well outside of Lightroom or C1.

Yes, you can do amazing things in raw editors. if you’ve used my Filmist presets or my Elegance Ai Speed-masks you have seen just so far we can fo in modern RAW editors. It’s amazing.

Creating pictorialism in photography is more. Yes, it starts with a camera and you can shoot in a pictorialist style for sure. But getting this kind of control needs layers and nuance.

Stop being afraid of Photoshop. That’s why I made today’s video to show you that complex things like this can be easy.

Orton effect photography pictorailism.

Do photography and pictorialism differ?

Yes because when in the darkroom or on digital, pictures-based editing is about not perfect perfect or always accurate. But it’s also not Ai fakery. You use editing and techniques in camera and post to convey a more emotionally complex image. But not always a sharper one.

It’s a delicate balance and that’s why Pictorialist actions are really mind-blowing. They create a balance that you can then adjust quickly to fit your vision.

You can edit and mix and blur and create photography that is both real but also fine art and emotion. Pisctsorism reinforces the idea the idea that artistic editing is OK. But the edits are real. They are working with a real scene from camera to print and showing your vision.

photography pictorailism alfred Stegliz style editing

And I think we need that right now.

Nealy every image you see going viral online is fake. But as a pictorialist you can say, I’m creating something dramatic but it’s real. And people need real in these sterile times.

It can be deeply creative and atmospheric. But it’s all based on real-world and you as the photographer view it as a slice of time.

Go try editing like a pictorialist and see the magic that ensues. And of course, if you want to make it even better try my Pictorialist actions. They’re guaranteed!

David Hamilton style effects using pictorialist actions
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