Seim Effects Goody Pack 2009:

wispering barn wa Seim Effects Goody Pack 2009:

Around New Years I make a pack of goodies to send out to fans and customers of Seim Effects throughout the year. I sent these in the SE newsletter, but have not posted it officially.

Inside you’ll find a few cool Photoshop actions and a couple great presets for Lightroom. Bold and clear is the order of this year and included in the actions you’ll find Visual Razor X, the 4th generation of my vivid sharp action.

If you need help installing presets see here, and to learn how to manage actions see here. To stay more up to date on the latest freebies you can join the Seim Effects club on Facebook. Enjoy… Gavin

– Download 2009 Free Effects Pack -

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ad cf slim Seim Effects Goody Pack 2009:

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7 Responses to Seim Effects Goody Pack 2009:

  1. Fran Matheny says:

    In order for me to download your 2009 free effects pack..I need to have Lightroom, Right?

    I only have Photoshop CS2.

    Thanks, Fran

  2. Gav Seim says:

    The free effects pack is just a few goodies I made up. It includes presets (for Lightroom only) and Actions (for Photoshop only) So yes, there is stuff in here for Photoshop.


  3. Noozy says:

    I have tried clicking on the link and it is coming up with an http error 403, i have gone into link and it is asking me to join up (at a cost), do you have another link? I really love your stuff.

  4. Gav Seim says:

    I suggest trying again Noozy. Perhaps the server was down. Just checked it and its working fine… Gav

  5. Shudderbug says:

    Will the PS actions work for the Elements?

  6. Carolyn Cloe says:

    Thanks! I am not sure if I have these, but will check it out in case. I did the download. Appreciate you’re sharing goodies occasionally!

  7. Gav Seim says:

    Shudder these are not made for Elements. Just CS versions. I may have some Elements actions in the future.

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