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Does video work?

We study marketing a lot over here and put a lot of work into it, especially our promo videos. Most companies don’t make a promos everything but I’ve always felt it’s important. I thought we couldĀ  share and maybe learn something about how to reach our customers better.

Does it matter, do people watch the videos or do they just read the copy? Honestly we agonize over promos here. Everything from the soundtrack to the humor. For example we started including outtakes because some people thought I was a bit too intense and artsy. It’s fun, but it’s something we use for balance.

We decided we to make two promo videos for the new Nitty Gritty collection. So first, which video is better? Second, do product videos effect how you buy? After that, let’s talk. Comment and tell us more. Do you make promo videos of your work? How would you do things differently? Let’s share some ideas that we can all use.

Tun into our Facebook page next week and I’ll share results on what worked here and why we did it.

Thanks for taking part. As a bonus we extended the $50 off deal on Nitty Gritty for another day. Get them here.

Promo Video 1:

Promo Video 2:

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