LR 7.3 is a mess. Here are some solutions.

UPDATE 04/24/18
So after weeks Adobe sent 7.31 today which does address some of the biggest problems. While there are still some issues, I would say it’s safe to update to 7.31 to get the new profile features. All of our current collections like Silver 3, Natural HDR, Belladonna and others should work great. You may find 7.3 even slower than 7.2 but everything seems to be working.

  • Preset sorting seems to be corrected (though our largest presets already worked around that)
  • The bug that was resetting presets from BW seems to be fixed.
  • No ability has been added remove the rest of the built-in presets that clutter up our workspace.
  • An option to disable the full image preview when you mouse over a preset has still not been added. This seems to make things run slow.

Orginal post, 04/06/18

Adobe just released LR CC Classic 7.3 and frankly, it’s a mess.  While it brings some cool updates like presets working in both Lightroom and Photoshop Camera Raw, that gets mostly washed away in the face of all the bugs it has introduced. It’s like Adobe said, hey let’s release an update but not test anything first. Lr 7.3 broke the sorting of presets. For everyone! We have an update for that and a workaround in the video below, but sadly there’s more.

The forums are abuzz and people are looking for solutions. Lightroom 7.3 feels slow, applying many presets in black and white causes images to revert to color and unless you like being a beta tester you will probably get more done in Lightroom 7.2 until Adobe fixes this.

We just sent an update to Silver 3 that will get your presets in order and you should have received an update email if you own Silver 3. Also, we’re working on updates for our other preset collections, so watch your inbox. We will also update this post when Adobe patches the other bugs or we find workarounds. In the meantime, save yourself a headache and stick with Lightroom 7.2 for now. If you already updated, you can go back to version 7.2 from your Adobe CC app as shown in the graphic below.

We have updated all our current presets collections so they sort properly. Check your inbox if you are a Seim presets user. If you didn;’t get the update email us,

Some kinds folks have been scripting over the weekend. Here’s a terminal script for mac that fixes the files. And here’s a LR plugin meant to do the same. These do not fix the bugs Adobe has given us, but they so change filenames on your original preset files so presets will sort correctly when updated by LR 7.3.

You can go back.

Here’s where you go in the CC app to downgrade if you don’t want to hassle with all this. Go tell Adobe to get their ducks in a row and that we’ll be waiting, with the old version.

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