Gav Reviews Lightroom V Capture One. Should you switch?


Nothing’s perfect, but the frustration with Adobe CC has brought attention to what alternatives we have.

For over a decade I’ve been using LR and developing tools for it like Belladonna Color, Silver and Natural HDR. It’s been the king and it works great overall. But between  feeling more and more bloated and the growing exodus as people tire of the Adobe CC model, other choices are rising up. One of those is Capture One and I’ve been using it heavily for about a year now. Thru that experience we also released the Mioxology styles pack for our C1 users to compliment what it can do.

So today I’ve finally compiled my thoughts and some real world examples on these two editing beasts. Should you dump LR for C1 or maybe for something else? Let’s talk about that as you leave your thoughts in the comments.

This video is 4K. If you prefer you can watch it here on my channel and join the discussion there. Gav


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