Free Filmist Preset Pack for LR and C1

Download the Filmist mini pack for free.

Filmist beings the look of real analog film to digital. Knowing now everyone will get the complete pack, we made this Filmist mini collection so you can enjoy the beauty of film for free. These 8 presets are a sample of what Filmist can do and give you analog looks you can start using in you photography right now.

  • AgfaFlex RSX
  • ColorPro P400
  • EternaFlex A
  • FUJIPRO 400 H
  • KODAChrome 1964
  • Natura e400
  • PORTRA 160
  • Silvex DELTA 100

Download the Filmist mini set ZIP!

If you like what you see check out Filmist Complete with over 50 emulsions. If not, let us know why at You can also learn how to use Filmist by watching the training videos for Lightroom here and for Capture 1 here. Enjoy!


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