Lightroom Vs Capture One in 2022

Should you use Lightroom CC or Capture One Pro in 2022

I promised I would make a video this week about Lightroom VS Capture 1 because it’s been a few years. The Lightroom vs Capture One Workflow is similar, but not the same.

They are both good apps, but in 2022 they both have advantages so I made this video taking a look at how I feel about both LR and C1 in 2022 for my primary Raw editing software and how to get the most of our both.

Lightroom vs Capture one in 2022

Lightroom vs Capture One Pro in 2022?

I made a video that takes the latest versions. Capture One 22 and LR 2022.

I’ll give you some thoughts on what works best for you and compare processing details as well and see which has the most power.

Is Capture One better for Fuji than Lightroom?

Fuji files because C1 is always said to be better for Fuji. Is it really? We’ll look and see if C1 still handles details better and what advanced LR has so you can make the best choice for your workflow in 2022.

The results and both are good but they have distinct differences that may sway you to use one of the other. There’s nothing wrong with switching back and forth, but I like to choose a main primary editor each year and that’s how I manage most of my work for that season.


What about older versions? Capture One vs Lightroom 6

I don’t dig into this in the video. But if you’re holding out because you hate the cloud model and won’t subscribe to Adobe. I get it. For you, it’s time to switch. LR6 is very dated and the processing tools you can get in C1 without a subscription are better, hands down, than the old versions of Lightroom. Stop waiting and get upgraded.

Whatever you choose you can get my presets and styles packs for both LR and C1.

This includes the new Natural HDR , as well as packs like Silver and Filmist film presets.

Enjoy and you can also watch the video here in 4k on my channel. Also, make sure you join my email list on the right and I’ll keep you updated as I make more videos on this.

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