March 25, 2012

Sliver Moon Blues – Near White Sands NM, 2012.

It was just awhile after sunset and I was not expecting an amazing view. We setup camp on the barren landscape of a tiny lake in the New Mexico desert, near White Sands. We ran the usual paces, unloading kids from the truck, planning dinner, getting settled. This is an image from an unlikely place that’s reminded me to never overlook potential.

I noticed what that moon was doing. A sliver moon, but with it’s shadowed area beautifully visible (there’s probably a name for that). I realized it was setting fast and that I had to do something, so I setup just a few yards from camp and started to work. It was not an easy image due to the rapidly setting moon and the low light, but I made this before it set fully and I’m thankful for a good night and an unexpected image.


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February 23, 2012

DRAFT: We found this amazing camp up in the Coral Canyon area. A surprisingly little used OHV area in CA that is stunning on nearly every side. It had rained recently bringing out the winter green, but our days here were beautiful and warm and when we weren’t exploring the landscape we we’re drinking good coffee or lying out on a blanket  with the kids, looking up at the blue sky.

I spotted this on our first drive the night before but sat on it for a day. Going back, I let the kids play in the road (it was more of a trail and mom was watching them), while I climbed up the hull onto a mountain of boulder for a stunning view of the valley and the unique shape of the Morena Reservoir. I waited as the sun sank and the light begin to sing.

Morena Sunset. Gavin Seim, 2012.

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September 26, 2008

A lone cowboy rides across the barren dessert atop his faithful sorrel. His silver spurs glisten in the hot afternoon sun as a dry wind rustles through tumbleweeds caught on the countless boulders scattered along the barren landscape. He looks out gloomily from underneath his weathered gray hat for a sign of the life-giving water he seeks. There is none to be found. They trudge onwards.

OK, enough of me trying to write.  I have enough projects on my hands, including a couple books, so I best not get started on another story. Besides that, this is a shot I took yesterday near Ephrata Lake. There was water and greenery not a hundred yards beyond this shot. Interesting how fast the land around here can change.

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