Falling Light in New Mexico!

In this weeks video we go on a trip to New Mexico and look at how light falls in a harsh situation. We’ll briefly study how to can better catch the falling light. Lots more eon this topic in the Continue reading

New Photography Channel — PHOTOGRAPHIC SCHOOL

Today I’m proud to officially introduce PHOTOGRAPHIC School, a new YouTube channel dedicated to the craft of photography. We’ve always been about content and this new phase takes it a big step further. Our award winning videos have focused on Continue reading

Watch this Close Up Lighting with a Single LED Panel.

I wanted to make this great image of espresso extraction and I wanted it with a single light setup using a light like this. — I used that light to my advantage to get great depth and shadow dimension and Continue reading

This Simple Principle will Make Your Photography Better..

Our camera is just an instrument. It’s what happens in our mind that makes a great photograph. When we understand the tools, we focus on the artistry. Sometimes we fall for the scam that we can just fix it later Continue reading