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Today’s Panel… Gavin Seim Jody SmyersMark Tesky Ben Horne

Gavin is home and the crew catches up on the latest and shares some ideas for 2013. This is a long one because we missed an episode last month. Lots of goodies in the after show as well. Enjoy.

This episode brought to you by the Seim Effects. And the PHOTOGRAPHICS the Film.

PPS #92 Forum Discussion HERE.

Main Time Indexes:

  • 00:00 Introductions.
  • 07:15 What in the news.
  • 40:45 A bit of video & Magic Lanterns
  • 51:30 Ideas of 2013 Lightning Round
  • 1:03:40 Social Networks Lightning Round
  • 1:16:45 Being Unique
  • 1:35:40 Picks
  • 1:58:30 The AFTER Show



Everyone is getting saddled with Creative Cloud

Canon says ML Firmware will not void warranty.

VIDEO: Selling Photos as Fine Furniture.

Facebook Charging for pages. A few tips.

Samson Airline Micro Mics

Trek Pack.

Journal of Gavin’s 3 month road trip.


Mark – Canon C100 and Atmos Ninja Recorder
Ben – Lee Wide Angle Hood
Gavin, Loquat SyrupPlatine Fiber Rag paper

Jody – Vello Gear Free Wave

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  1. Hey, Gavin. Given your concern about Adobe forcing people into Creative Cloud subscriptions and your faith in the free market to provide a solution, I was wondering if you’ve considered the latest version of Paint Shop Pro. I’d be interested to know your opinion of this inexpensive alternative to Photoshop.

    1. Nathan I have used PSP in the past. Not in awhile. The problem is everything seems weaker than PS. We need a someone to really put some money behind making a serious competitor.

      That said maybe it’s about time I peek a peek at Paint Shop Pro again. been awhile.


  2. Hey Gavin, thanks so much for continuing to do these podcasts. I glean so much info from the lightning rounds and the show in general!

    1. Thanks Dave glad you enjoy. please spread the word and if you get a chance and think us deserving we always enjoy those 5 star reviews on iTunes.


  3. Hey Gavin,

    In the podscast you made a statement (I’m paraphrasing) that Photoshop is NOT a specialty product. and is everywhere. Was listening to the podcast on my commute and when i heard that my first reaction was to say out loud (thank god it’s just me in the car) “yes, it is. that statement is wrong”.

    I’m curious about that. Looking at the software landscape as a whole, photoshop is, in my opinion, very much a specialty product. is not something that my mother uses, is not like windows, or macosx, or chrome/firefox/internet explorer.

    even if you look only at adobe products (i’m not working for them, or affiliated with adobe or even like adobe very much), i would dare say that for example flash, adobe reader are indeed NOT specialty products, they are everywhere which explain why they are more or less free or cost less.

    to be honest, my first reaction when i heard about the whole “software rental” idea, was more or less the same as you. now i’m thinking, “that’s always the issue when you have a paradigm shift, people are reluctant to change”. let’s wait and see, the market should more or less tell adobe if rental is feasible or not.

    i also think that they are alternative to CS6 (or cloud), not as good maybe, from Adobe itself that hasn’t been mentioned. I’m not griping here that you haven’t mentioned every single alternative out there, that will be stupid on my part. How about photoshop elements as potential alternative?. A combination of Lightroom for most of the work and elements when you need layers, dodge/burn and whatnot could potentially work.

    another one: CS2 is now free as in beer, so that could potentially be a solution. yes, you don’t have content aware, on the other hand is free.

    my point is: i’m not sure I agree with the idea that adobe is just ignoring everybody and leaving people without options, “you either pay as what we want or you are on your own”. if they where, they would have close down elements, or make elements and lightroom subscriptions only and take down free CS2. seems to me they do leave us alternative from their own line up, but for the top of line, “specialty” software you will have to play by different rules

    Love the podcast, keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful response.

      Just a couple things. Photoshop is common. I realize “common” is a sliding scale, but you go knock door to door and ask how many people have Photoshops and I think you would be shocked. They are selling loads of them and making vastly more money than they ever thought would happen when all this started. That said they have a right to charge whatever they like and people have a right not to by.

      As for renting software. This is not a new innovation. Having to rent your tools probably as old an idea as bread and whenever it appears it’s something we try to get away from. If it was an option, fine. When it’s the only way, inexcusable.

      Remember when you ha to rent your phone?

      Adobe is not innovating here, they are squeezing for more money and control. Again they have that right, but I’m not impressed.

      Thanks for listening, Gav

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