I Re-created Fuji’s Classic Negative as a preset for any Camera

Classic negative preset and LUT for Lightroom and Capture one

I made Fuji Lightroom and C1 presets and you can download them for free.

So the Fuji Xpro 3 brought a new Fuji Film Simulation called Classic Negative. All the new Fuji cameras have it and along with the other film simulations Fuji is known for. So I made some Fuji presets for Lightroom and for Capture One and even Luts so I can use them to edit video on apps like Resolve.

The truth is getting film presets to work on any camera, including the older Fuji cameras and other brands like Sony does not need to be hard. I don’t like to be limited across cameras and I like my tools to work everywhere which is why I don’t use camera-specific color profiles.

I designed Fujifilm presets for Lightroom and styles for Capture One, like Classic Negative, Fuji 400 presets, Fujifilm black and white settings, and more. Then I created a mini-free pack from my complete Filmist collection for you.

I also made a video for my channel showing how you can tweak and create styles like the Fuji Classic negative whenever you want.

This Classic Negative look is actually based on Fujifilm Superia, a real negative film of the ’90s. There are zero technical reasons to make color profiles work only on some cameras, it’s just a marketing trick. so I set to work and made presets/styles and Luts for this process as I want color grades I can use anywhere.

Download my free presets for Capture One, Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Mobile and older version of Lightroom

You can also use them in any app that can use LUTS like Affinity Photo or Resolve. I put all the versions in one download pack to make this easy.


Download the free pack on the filmist page.

This free pack now inludes Classic Negative and 8 other film profiles.
(The free download is about halfway downthe page)

Hope you enjoy these and if you do please check out the full Filmist pack as it’s loaded for over 50 film simulation presets and concept films that work amazing.  Gav

Fujifilm presets for Lightroom - Classic Negative

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  1. What is the base curve for Fuji cameras for this profile?
    When I apply it on a raw file from Fuji which was taken with Acros color profile in the camera activated, the output file after your preset is also black and white and not in color. Using newest version of Capture One 12.

    So which curve should be selected?

    Thank you.

    1. I use Film Std on all presets otherwise it’s hard to calibrate color. There should be no black and white as the preset should overwrite that base curve but I’ll check and see if I missed that box. But yes Film Std will give you the correct color base.

  2. Thanks for this Classic Neg . Comparing on Capture one between XT3 Raw with capture one built in ‘Classic Neg’ and same Raw with your preset is fairly indentical !!

    Great , i will be now able to apply your ‘Classic neg’ to my XE2 Raw !!

    Thanks again ! Good job !

  3. That looks great! Any chance to make this work together with the SilkyPix RAW converter? Thanks!

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