Pro Photography Podcast 2.0 #204 | Edit Naked | July 14th 2023

Pro Photography Podcast
Pro Photography Podcast
Pro Photography Podcast 2.0 #204 | Edit Naked | July 14th 2023

Host: Gavin Seim – Leave a comment below or talk about this week’s episode right here on the Shadow Hunter Facebook group.

This week on Pro Photography Podcast

Let’s talk about news, how we edit, and what makes out photos photo. Attend Gavin’s Shadow Hackers Online Workshop Free.

Watch this week’s video on the Secret Layer avoiding the OVER-EDIT.

Here’s the example photo I was talking about on the show with two various approaches to the edit.

Also, watch Gavin’s video on the new curve and layers features in LR.

Check out Elegance presets and Gav’s other products on the homepage.

Product Picks of the Week

Gavs Pick: Poloroid SX70 Camera and Polaroid SX70 BW film. Here are some portraits I have done with it.

Other products mentioned throughout the podcast…

Links to other things we mentioned.

Ai cover photo. But it started with a photo shoot. Is that bad?

What this bridal turned over canoe session real and doe that matters.

This time a photo was disqualified because judges “thought” it might be Ai.

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As digital dawned I went all in and got to study with masters like Ken Whitmire. In 09 I founded the Pro Photo Show podcast. I started promoting tone-focused editing. When Lightroom arrived, I started developing tools to make editing and workflow better.

20 years of study and photography around the country earned me a Master of Photography (M.Photog) from PPA. I got to see my workshops and tools featured in publications across the industry. Once I even won the prestigious HotOne award for my "EXposed" light and tone workshop.

Wanting something calmer, I moved to Mexico in 2017. It's a land of magical light. I'm here now exploring light and trying to master my weak areas. I make videos of that for my Youtube channel, sharing what I learn. I hope you'll stick around and be part of Light Hunters Tribe... Gavin

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