Pro Photography Podcast 2.0 #202 | How to Expose Better | June 6th 2023

Pro Photography Podcast
Pro Photography Podcast
Pro Photography Podcast 2.0 #202 | How to Expose Better | June 6th 2023

Host: Gavin Seim

This week on Pro Photography Podcast we talk a little more about bringing back the show. Then in the Photo News Nuggets, we’ll talk about what’s new in Photography and a little Ai stuff.

For our main topic, Gavin Seim shares some of his best exposure tips picked up in the past 15 years of being an exposure perfectionist and how that relates to real-world shooting.

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Product Picks of the Week

Gavs Pick: USB Rechargeable LED flashlight

Other products mentioned throughout the podcast…

Fuji X100V, is my favorite street and travel camera.

Pentax K3 Monochrome

Leica Q2 Classic and Monochrome Leica Q3 was also just announced.

Links to the things we mentioned.

Gavin’s history of photography with the late Ken Whitmire

My street photography guide blog post.

Silver 5 presets and BlackRoom actions.

Stop Exposing to the right video and examples

Gavs Easy fixing totally blown highlights video.

Japan says your photos are fair game for Ai.

But Italy won’t let you use a photo of The David because of copyright.

Chris and Jordans Leica Q3 video.

The new Ai camera is not really a camera.

Nikon Z8 limits your use of third-party batteries.

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