December 20, 2022

Merry Christmas. I started creating presets 15 years ago before the rest existed. I always gave you free preset samplers from packs Like Filmist and Natural HDR. So today I’ve made you a perfect starter pack of free black and white presets from the new Silver 5 presets.

This free black and white presets pack includes 5 hand-picked B&W styles for Lightroom, Capture One and RAW

Go HERE to the Silver Page to DOWNLOAD the FREE Silver 5 Black and White Presets Pack

I also added a few mod’s from the brand-new Mod-Kit that’s included in the complete version to show you how fast it will make you. I even included one of the AI mod tools in the LR version!

There are 3 key elements that create better black and white. Watch this video and I’ll show you them as well as how to use these black and white presets to level up your black-and-white.

I, the video, my secrets to using black and white presets to edit!

Take special note of how each Silver preset takes a different approach in how it mixes your tone using the 3 keys for a perfect black-and-white recipe. Once you have the complete pack, you’ll see this extended much further but just as simple and easy to apply.

Some are perfect for portraits, others for rich streets of the landscape. That’s the key to mixing the tools and completing your vision!

free black and white presets silver 5 sampler with capture one styles
Natural screens often benefit from a more crushed dark black and white and you’ll see great examples of that even in the free presets of Silver 5

You’ll quickly see what I showed you in this Silver 5 training video from my channel. How when you have advanced formulas you are more creative with your edits than any purist who tried to create a recipe from scratch every time. They simply never get this deep in their edits. That’s why presets are essential.

I hope you enjoy this free black and white presets pack.

Please let me know in the comments. See just how much time a good black and white presets system will save you and take a look at the complete Silver 5 pack as well because this free presets sampler pack is just the beginning.

Gavin Seim

Capture one and Lightroom free portrait black and white presets
Good portrait presets tend to focus on softer tones and the skin color channels are very important.
Lightroom free black and white presets
Download the free Black and white presets from Silver 5 and try all these elements in your photos.
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April 20, 2022

I wanted a more perfect Portra film preset for Lightroom and Capture One. So I made it!

Portra is a classic film, the 160 leans a touch green and is very versatile. The 400 is warmer and probably the top portrait film ever and the 800 is less famous but has a bit more color pop and a rich look.

Portra gen.2 took the Portra presets that have always been part of my Filmist presets and made them so much better. I tinkered and calibrated for days to get the feel of Portra just right. It took a lot of film research and formulation but the result was worth the wait.

You can Get Filmist here –  The free pack has my new Portra 160 preset. Here’s my new video on the new Portra looks.

In making gen2 Portra I had to make all 3 presets from the ground up for Lightroom and then do it again for the Capture One Styles. But the result is a film emulation of Portra better than any I have ever used. It captures the aesthetic of Portra and just looks stunning. Watch the video and I’ll show you how it works.

Porta looks amazing on Portraits but also on a lot of other things.

Filmist is a lot of film emulsion presets, but the gen.2 Portra looks along with new gen.2 Natura 1600 which I recently finished developing brings in two of the most versatile films ever as digital presets for Lightroom and Capture 1 and LUT. I’m using these constantly in my workflow. Even if you only grab the free one I included in my Filmist free sampler pack, I hope you enjoy it.

Gavin Seim

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November 27, 2018

15 Free Capture One styles

Capture One Styles are presets and they you edit better and faster.

I’m Gavin. and whether you want more control over color or are tired of paying every month, many photographers are looking at Capture One. It’s probably the most powerful RAW-style image editor next to Lightroom and still integrates nicely with Photoshop and other pixel-based editors.

– Download Mix Basic Free Capture One Styles –

I’ve been making professional presets since the first days of Lightroom and Capture One. My first Capture OJne Styles collection was the Mixology Collection. Thesedays all my presets ionlude Capture One Styles. BUt I made a free 15 presets style pack from MIxogy that you can download and use right away. PS: visit my help page if you need to know how to install Capture One styles.

2022 More Capture One Styles

In 2022 all my preset collections are now available as Styles for Capture One along with Lightroom Presets top go along with this Mixolgy free pack above. Below are more links in my directory of the best free Capture one styles and presets. All of these include Lightroom presets and Capture One Style for those who use both so it’s easier than every to sync up.

More high-quality Free Capture One Styles for 2022.

Filmist free Film Styles for Capture One

My Film emulsion Styles and presets include my Capture One Fujifilm styles and more inluding the pew Portra preset for Capture One. if you like what you see you can algio grab the FIlm,ist complete pack.

Get FREE Capture One Sampler Pack –  HERE on the Filmist  page.

Silver 4 free Black and white Styles pack for C1

My Black And White Capture One Styles are one of my most popular packs, so I made a free sampler pack with vatiooys black and whuite styles for C1. Silver 4 is a must have styles pack for black and whit lovers that makes amazing conversion faster than a plugin and more controlled.

Download the Silver Free Styles – HERE on the Silver 4 page.

Natural Single File HDR Styles for Capture One

Natural HDR was a ganme changing preset pack beacus eits all about extracting natual HDR looks from single files. Like my other free Capture One stykle packs, you can doenload the mini pack for free and start oplayinga round.

Get FREE Natural HDR C1 Styles –  HERE on the NHDR  page.

PS: if you’re not sure whether you want to use Lightroom vs Capture in 2022, check out the I made to compare the two.

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