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Free Lightroom Presets and Capture 1 styles pack from Muse


What’s the difference between Muse and Filmist?
PLUS free presets!

A lot, so to show you I’m going to make another free Lightroom and Capture 1 free presets mini pack for 2020.

When I made presets it’s always a battle to find formulas that balance to make looks that work on every one of your files. After that, I try and find a way to convey that in the promo and training videos I actually use to sell them.

Muse mini is a great free portrait preset pack. A Free Lightroom Presets and Capture One styles pack

Filmist (free sampler of that here) was a passion project and I spent soooo much time trying to get real film looks. But when I made Muse is was more like “Screw the rules!” I’ll take the color inspiration and deep tactics I gained making Filmist; but then make a pack that does not have to be like any film. It’s not a copy, it’s almost like an expansion pack that takes the ideas of Film and just has fun with them.

Download free Muse Mini Presets Pack for LR and C1

Getting the right look matters.

In the promo video for Muse I talk about getting inspired. I like these because they have nothing to be compared to or that they have to be. Intense, but not lame ugly edits. We should not be afraid to tinker with mixing colors, add golden glows or faded green to deep luscious meadows. This Muse mini pack includes presets for Lightroom classic and Lightroom mobile as well as Capture 1 styles.

I’ll put 7 Muse presets in here so you can play around yourself. If you like what you see check out the full pack. Either way, enjoy and don’t be afraid to edit all the way,



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I Re-created Fuji’s Classic Negative as a preset for any Camera

Classic negative preset and LUT for Lightroom and Capture one

I made Fuji Lightroom and C1 presets and you can download them for free.

So the Fuji Xpro 3 brought a new Fuji Film Simulation called Classic Negative. All the new Fuji cameras have it and along with the other film simulations Fuji is known for. So I made some Fuji presets for Lightroom and for Capture One and even Luts so I can use them to edit video on apps like Resolve.

The truth is getting film presets to work on any camera, including the older Fuji cameras and other brands like Sony does not need to be hard. I don’t like to be limited across cameras and I like my tools to work everywhere which is why I don’t use camera-specific color profiles.

I designed Fujifilm presets for Lightroom and styles for Capture One, like Classic Negative, Fuji 400 presets, Fujifilm black and white settings, and more. Then I created a mini-free pack from my complete Filmist collection for you.

I also made a video for my channel showing how you can tweak and create styles like the Fuji Classic negative whenever you want.

This Classic Negative look is actually based on Fujifilm Superia, a real negative film of the ’90s. There are zero technical reasons to make color profiles work only on some cameras, it’s just a marketing trick. so I set to work and made presets/styles and Luts for this process as I want color grades I can use anywhere.

Download my free presets for Capture One, Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Mobile and older version of Lightroom

You can also use them in any app that can use LUTS like Affinity Photo or Resolve. I put all the versions in one download pack to make this easy.


Download the free pack on the filmist page.

This free pack now inludes Classic Negative and 8 other film profiles.
(The free download is about halfway downthe page)

Hope you enjoy these and if you do please check out the full Filmist pack as it’s loaded for over 50 film simulation presets and concept films that work amazing.  Gav

Fujifilm presets for Lightroom - Classic Negative

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Filmist Lite Preset Pack for LR and C1

Get started with the stunning look of film!

Filmist beings the look of real film to digital. You be thinking you’re not interested in buying the the complete pack. So we made this Filmist Lite collection so you can get started with the beauty of film in your edits. These 8 presets are just the start of what Filmist can, but they a lot.

  • AgfaFlex RSX
  • ColorPro P400
  • EternaFlex A
  • FUJIPRO 400 H
  • KODAChrome 1964
  • Natura e400
  • PORTRA 160
  • Silvex DELTA 100

Download Filmist Light!


If you like what you see check out Filmist Complete with over 50 emulsions. You can also learn how to use Filmist by watching the training videos for Lightroom here and for Capture 1 here. Aldo if you have any questions just email us, enjoy!

Gav and Nate


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The Best of FREE Lightroom Presets:

best-of-free-presetsWe were making presets here before selling presets was even hip. No one makes them like we do because we don’t just make presets, we’re passionate about quality and that’s why all our effects are GUARANTEED. Knowing Lightroom inside out is a start, but understanding light and photographics is what really makes great tools.

From each of our Pro Collections like Power Workflow 4, we have Light Packs so you can try for yourself. I thought, “With all the free presets we give away, it would be nice to make a one stop list of our light packs”. So here they are. Our most recent preset sampler packs, designed for with LR4 and LR5 and sure to please. This list is not long, but you won’t find any junk here. Every one of these packs is quality from the ground up and will save you time. Please share and enjoy, Gav

Power Workflow 4, Light Pack – Download

PW4 is the most powerful presets you’ll find. It’s our signature set and we’ve made it since Lightroom 1. Every version has been more refined and now it’s so well honed that it just begs to save you time. In this great sampler pack we’ve included great selections from Power Workflow 4 that will get you started. You can also get the complete collection of more than 75 perfectly prepared presets here.




Color Fantasies 2, Light Pack – Download

Color Fantasies is a great color study and V2 took it to the next level. In this collection you’ll see powerful color twists you didn’t even know were in there, but we’ve done it with a subtle hand that is about gentle powerful color. Enjoy this sampler pack and check out the Pro Collection for more than 100 of the best color effects on the market.




Silver Shadows 2, Light Pack – Download

We’re passionate about Black and White. control at your fingertips. Many think you have to use plugins or black and white tools to convert, but Silver Shadows 2 dispels that myth and puts endlessly variable silver conversion ate your fingertips. Not just the looks that we use either. You can mix, match and tweak to quickly get deeply refined silver conversions. Start with this sampler and then check out the Pro Collection for over 100 conversion tools.


Elegance 2, Light Pack – Download

Elegance is a presets collection for takes on the local adjustments like brushes, gradients and radials. Save time by selecting the look your need and applying it locally right from within Lightroom. This sampler pack gives you a selection of starter brushes and you can the loads more in the Pro Pack.



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Free Lightroom Presets – Power Workflow 4


Here s great sampler set from our Power Workflow 4 presets collection. This is a collection of presets that been about 7 years in the making. We’ve been producing Power Workflow every since Lightroom version 1. Now with LR5 and Power Workflow 4 we have more power than ever.

PW4 is a collection of more than 75 presets and it’s guaranteed or your money back, but if you want to get started without spending a dime we’ve compiled this collection of 9 premium presets from power Workflow 4. I think you’ll agree that they are some the the worlds most powerful presets. Let us know if you have questions.

You can watch the demo video and learn more on the product page.

DOWNLOAD PW4 Presets Sampler ZIP

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15 FREE Premium Lightroom Presets from Seim Effects Color Fantasies 2

Recently we released Color Fantasies 2 here at Seim Effects – It’s a powerful collection of over 100 presets like you’ve never seen in Lightroom. It’s color alchemy at your fingertips, from Hollywood style color tones to film inspired simplicity. But we know that not everyone will be ready to jump in and buy a premium presets pack right off. That’s why we’re giving you free presets – Good ones too.

Below you can download 15 premium presets from Color Fantasies 2. No strings attached. Downloaded, install and start seeing what kind of color is possible within Lightroom. We hope you enjoy and when you see how powerful they are, you’ll check out the complete collection. If you have any questions or problems just get in touch –, or give us a phone call – 509 951 4860. We really are here to help.

Gavin Seim

Check out the complete collection of over 100 tools.

Download the Free Presets ZIP

Watch the video on installing presets.

Below a few before and after examples – See more and try out all the presets in the virtual demo on the Color Fantasies 2 product page.


[/beforeafter] [beforeafter]


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