Softly Sunset. A FREE preset for Lightroom & Aperture.

I’ve been refining a new effect for a gentle warm sunset feel. This result is something that may well find it’s way into my Color Fantasies and Lightflow collections in the future, but I thought it would make a great freebie for you readers today.

It was interesting making the same effect side by side in both LR and Aperture.I don’t plan to do that with everything, as both my Lightroom and Aperture preset collection have their own effects that suit the tools available in each. But it was a good challenge to use the varying tools of both applications for the same effect. While their not identical, the preset should run very close on a RAW file in Lightroom or in Aperture. Cross platform. Oh yea.

This effect is gentle. Well suited for pictorial or portrait work, where a warm gentle process is needed. It’s meant to be used like a summer breeze. Not sharp, but not dull. Not too hot, but enough to make you smile. I really like it and I hope you will too.¬†Below is a quick example of what the preset does. You can download it via the link. Enjoy… Gavin Seim


Download The Presets (Lightroom/Aperture) ZIP

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14 thoughts on “Softly Sunset. A FREE preset for Lightroom & Aperture.

  1. Hi gavin. i will download this and thank you , also I have never done an HDR shot, is the HDR training series too advanced for me ? or can i use this to begin HDR.
    I understand the basics, a bracketed set of shots, and then merge in Photomatix which i have never done, but i learn fast

    also thank you for having me as a guest on the proPhoto show.
    i loved it.
    Hope i was good enough for a return round table guest some day
    you da man

    • Hey Rob thanks. It was fun having. Hope you can drop in during the LIVE show next month. And I’ll certainly keep you in mind for future shows.

      As for the HDR videos. I really think these have something for everyone. Every photographer needs to understand dynamic range no matter what their style. This collection is all about helping those that don’t to do, and those that do, to do so better.

    • Hey William. This would be a RAW preset. You could use it on JPEG, but a RAW preset used on JPEG will tend to be contrast. That’s in LR. In Aperture it seems to matter less.

  2. Hi Gavin; just a quick question. When creating preset for LR and Effect for Aperture, do you actually do it twice, ones in each software or do you have some automated converted for this?

    I found amazing presets for Lightroom but being an Aperture user would like to somehow get them into Aperture.

    Thanks for your reply

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