Anatomy of Post Production Tools – The Seim Effects Toolkits

by Gavin Seim: There’s info and videos on each product page, but I wanted do a quick overview of how you can use tools in great photo workflow and how Seim Effects collections fit into that. Having your workflow nailed Continue reading

Webinar Workshops. A new way to learn coming to Seim Effects

You users been asking about these for a long time. The truth is I’ve avoided it because I really like teaching photography workshops in person, and for some, like my  Lights & Shadows workshop, it’s the only way to fly. Continue reading

Thoughts on Value. How Seim Effects are Priced & Why They Often Cost Less.

by Gavin Seim: Pricing is an interesting thing. Those of you that listen to me on the Pro Photo Show podcast know that I don’t try to be the cheapest in my photography.  Not by a long shot. Truth is Continue reading