EXposed Promo Spot – Dorky Jogger

We’ve been on the road more than two months now and I’ve been recording footage for the new EXposed video series. Maybe it’s cabin fever, but we wanted to have some fun, so I’ve been running some b-roll and quick Continue reading

Softly Sunset. A FREE preset for Lightroom & Aperture.

I’ve been refining a new effect for a gentle warm sunset feel. This result is something that may well find it’s way into my Color Fantasies and Lightflow collections in the future, but I thought it would make a great Continue reading

From Visualization To Digital Darkroom. 4 Tips For Better Photos.

Updated 12/11. Never has raising the bar on quality been so relevant to photography than in today’s crowded market. But never have the tools at our disposal been so powerful either. So today I want to share a few quick Continue reading