May 29, 2023

Podcasts are perhaps the best way to catch up and tune in. A pure form where you listen on your terms to your favorite topics. After over 7 years of radio silence, Pro Photography Podcast is back.

Pro Photography Podcast
Clone of Pro Photography Podcast #210 | Your Photos should have FEELING

The listing should be live in most podcast apps. But there’s direct links to subscribe and episode archives here on the podcast page

When I make a video on my YouTube channel the demands are high to cut tight and stand out. It’s hard to keep people watching and we always have to work for that goal to get views. In a podcast we can discover more about a topic.

A podcast is more like a talk show than a YouTube hit.

Almost everything for me started with the Pro Photo Podcast back in 2006. There were very few good photo podcasts then and my first episodes were not so good either. But they improved and my growing up and career was all in that podcast.

PPS had a good run and tons of great guests and co-hosts that I miss. It transformed changed my career and my understanding of photography at a time when everything was changing for all of us. I was told by many that it helped them become the photographers they wanted to be.

What happened to Pro Photo Show 1.0

Pro Photo Show started before Facebook was the thing. We had forums and contests and shows every week. It was a lot of work and very rewarding.

Then I started doing more YT videos and traveling. Life and even my human right activism absorbed my time and made wore me out. Then some of my regulars didn’t want to co-cost anymore and I was feeling beat down. At episode 100, PPS quietly faded into silence. I’ve missed it ever since and honestly felt a little sense of failure for not keeping it going.

In these past 7 years I earned my Master of Photography, I’ve improved in every way, worked tirelessly on growing my YouTube channel and even moved across the world. (Well the continent at least). And while life will always get in the way, my passion for photography has only grown and my abilities improved.

I’ve always been someone who was candid and spoke my mind even if I don’t fit in. Living in Mexico learning a new language, absorbing a new culture and world. It’s all taught me to never give up and that the beautiful light never stop.

The world of Photography has changed again.

Right now mobiles are at new levels. And Ai revolution is happening and standing out as a pro photographers is harder then ever. A good time to come back to a pure form of Photography d8icvssion with a photography podcast for profession and enthusiast photographers.

I’ve been busy and a bit intimated to make a Photography Podcast again because I know I have to make it good to keep up in these times. But after years of editing video, I found the process and simplicity of an audio podcast a pleasure. There’s something about just audio.

Talk about improving photography in the new Pro Photography podcast

The new photography podcast plan.

I’ll have solo episode, panels, and guest. To start with a show every two weeks but maybe every week soon. I’m wanting your feedback on what kind of shows you want, but I have no many thinkings oppponing into my head and make more sense here than in a video. That said some shows will be recorded LIVE on my channel so make sure you subscribe.

Pro Photography Podcast will be our place for relaxed conversations about how to create better and sell more. And it will be backed my visual content that I create on my YouTube channel. Together we’re going to improve photography.

I’m Gavin Seim and I’m Glad you’re here for the Pro Photography Podcast.

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February 4, 2022

White balance defines the color temperature of the real-world light you’re capturing in relation to your sensor based on middle grey. Then the software can set it to appear balnaced. OK, so what is white balancing in photography? Well, it’s usually second to every other setting on your camera.

Photographers make you fret so much about What White Balance because they don’t understand how it works I’ve been doing this for 20 years and made many arrogant mistakes. So I’m going to explain it practically in this video.

Time to Stop worrying about what white balance is!

So do you need to white balance? Usually, you can do it in the post, leaving it on auto in the camera. If you shoot JPEG only pay a little more attention and make sure it’s visually the way you want it in the camera. With RAW, you don’t need to worry about it at all.

So Gavin, what is White Balancing in photography then?

When editing in Lightroom I’ve often said… Good presets should NOT touch WB. When I make presets for Lightroom and Styles for Capture One like Filmist or Natural HDR, they are WB-free. It’s part of why they work great on any photo you use them on.

White balance helps you control the warm and cool tint of a photo. Like the base hues, separate from other developed settings. WB gadgets are almost never needed. Especially if you shoot RAW since all possible variations of white balance are in the RAW file.

There’s really no WRONG white balance, but…

Why is white balance so confusing then? It was not like this in the film days. The hype over White Balance came after pros started using digital. It gets very technical. But back in the film days, we had two or three white balance options. We even used the “wrong” ones at times for creative styles.

white balancing in photography - Gold look

Don’t use it for effects! White balance is for light color correction. If I want a gold look like this, for example, I could crank the temperature slider right and adjust the tint. But WB does not work great as an extreme and it does not copy to other photos. Strong looks should be done with good use of color channels and curves. In this case, I just used the Black Gold preset, from Gold-Chrome.

Digital arrived and companies created products to “correct White Balance”. In reality, most photographers don’t need anything for White Balance. Because anything goes if it works in your final look.

This is not laziness. If you’ve seen my videos or attended my Shadow hackers class, you know I’m huge about getting it right on camera. But on a RAW file WB settings literally make no change to your file. They simply add a marker in the file to tell the RAW processor what you set it to.

Use Auto WB in the camera, not in the software!

You can leave the camera to Auto WHY and it usually makes it look very good. Auto WB in software like Lightroom, Capture One, etc however usually messes it up. I don’t know why, but it’s not at all the same and usually makes the photo ugly.

Look at this example. The Camer Auto WB was fine. After processing this with the Filmist Portra 400 preset. I warmed it up. Not because it was more “correct” but because I felt the warm light worked well.

Keep it simple, instead of making this a distraction. If you follow this guide you will never have to worry about White Balance. You’ll use it as needed to balance your photo to the color tints that work for you. What a grey card says is correct does really matter. Sometimes you want a warmer or cooler look and in the end, the look. Make every photo yours.

I hope this helps you understand what is white balancing in photography and what it’s not. Leave a comment if you have feedback. – Gavin Seim

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September 28, 2015


Click To Listen>> Photography Podcast. PPS #99 – THE FALL mp3

Today’s Panel… Gavin Seim ] Jason Eldridge
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This episode brought to you by Seim Effects.

This week the panel talks about great Fall color and what we can do to make it sing.

Get the NEW Autumn Light Presets.

The Sony A7R II looks really interesting. Serious competition for the Canon 5Ds

The Pentax 645Z does as well.

Gavin loves the Phantom 3 pro.

Jason loves the Tilly Hat.

Gavin says everyone needs a couple BaoFeng UV5R radios.

Jason says the Flipside water day pack is a great bag.

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May 28, 2015


Click To Listen>> Photography Podcast. PPS #98 – Summer of Dreams!

Today’s Panel… Gavin Seim
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This episode brought to you by Seim Effects.

This week Seim talks about great road trips and a bunch of tips and gadgets for your epic photo adventure.

Get Gavin’s Natural HDR Presets.

Road Trip Tools  – LINKS..

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January 1, 2015


Click To Listen>> Photography Podcast. PPS #97 – We’re Back!

Today’s Panel… Gavin Seim
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This episode brought to you by Seim Effects and the new Classic Vinyl Presets.

After a long break, Pro Photo Show returns to wrap up 2014 and get back on track for 2015 with some thoughts about the industry and lots of amazing gadgets from 2014 that you want on your wish list.


The Pentax 645D and 645Z may be bringing in a new era of medium format.

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