Free Presets for Aperture. Gavin’s Light Study 1.

Mouse over images to view the “before effect” version. A little something for you Apple Aperture users today. Aperture 3 released and they FINALLY added support for presets. I was stoked. It’s not perfect and while I still prefer Lightroom Continue reading

Free Lightroom Presets. Color Fantasies Sampler.

Color Fantasies is my latest collection of Lightroom Presets that focuses entirely on color. It doesn’t mess around about it either. CF gets under the hood in Lightroom and transforms images into beautiful color tones that can be applied instantly Continue reading

Seim Effects 2009 Christmas Gift Pack.

[like] by Gavin Seim: I’ve spent much of this Christmas Eve doing the final prep, but it’s ready. The Seim Effects/Pro Photo Show annual Christmas gift pack. Just my way of saying thanks for all your support and feedback over Continue reading